Will the time after the pandemic finally be the time for sustainable tourism?

June 15 2020, the day travel within most of the Schengen countries is possible again. Traveling outside your countries borders, even though the COVID-19 crisis is not gone yet and there is still no effective vaccine. The travel industry is one of the industries that got hit hard by the pandemic and will need a lot of time to recover fully and go back to the normal practices. But is that what we want? Going back to ‘normal practices’. This pandemic forced us to stop our daily lives and gave the earth a breathing pause. During this pause, we could see the nature recovering from what we’ve done to it. However, life cannot be paused forever and people want to be free again. Travel lovers like me are desperately waiting to cross international borders again, however I do hope with all my heart that for once we all learn from our mistakes and listen more to the nature. Could the time after COVID-19 be the time for sustainable tourism and travel?

International tourism brings people together, it mixes different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. It teaches new norms and values and different ways of living. It provides direct and indirect job opportunities and an escape from your daily life. Unfortunately, tourism is not always good. Traveling adds CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, it causes clashes of culture and traditions and not all the money generated from this industry ends up where you would want it to end up. Nature gets disturbed, local inhabitants are forgotten and places get overcrowded. Mass tourism, unsustainable cruise tourism, tourism that includes animal abuse are all examples of concepts that I have high hopes for that we will leave behind in the year of 2020.

So how can you travel more sustainably?

It is easy to look at other people and judge other people’s behaviour. Instead, everyone should look at themselves first and see how they can contribute to a more sustainable life. I will share with you my tips for a more sustainable and responsible way of traveling.

1. Minimize your carbon emissions

Carbon emissions add to the Greenhouse effect, which causes the earth to warm up. The Greenhouse effect is a natural effect, however, we add to it by using planes and other motor vehicles as transportation, produce high amounts of meat (methane emissions) and use big containerships to ship our goods. Global warming causes the land ice to melt, the sea level to rise and causes more extreme weather conditions. The travel industry adds a big amount to these CO2 emissions as often there are flights needed to get to places. My advice here is to evaluate if you really need the flight, or that you can choose other modes of transportation. Try to always compensate your flight emissions and if you fly, try to stay longer at the destination.

2. Use public transportation

Besides the adventures and the beautiful views it often brings, using public transportation also reduces your personal ecological footprint. Instead of renting a car or getting a private driver, take on the adventure and figure out your way through (or to) your destination by public transportation. I assure you, a lot of your best adventures happen on the road. For example, I had some of the most enchanting train rides in Sri Lanka, had interesting encounters with local people in busses in Jordan and Morocco and got stuck in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the middle of Germany with my sister when we took the wrong train and we both couldn’t understand the German train system.

3. Support local initiatives

Some of these tips I already mentioned before in my blogs, just like this one. I repeat them, because in my opinion these are very, very important for sustainable tourism. Supporting local initiatives, like staying at small locally owned hotels, will help keeping the money within the local community, instead of leaking away to big international companies or rich countries. Staying at local hotels, instead of big hotel chains, eating at locally owned restaurants instead of at big chain companies will help the local economy.

Another point that I would like to make: try to avoid initiatives like Airbnb. For example in Amsterdam, mass tourism is a big problem and local hotels are suffering from Airbnb guests. People staying at Airbnb locations often disturb the neighbourhood and take away incomes from hotels. And where hotels have to pay all their taxes and permits, Airbnb takes all the profit.

sumba village

4. Eat locally produced food and buy locally made souvenirs

To stay with the local initiatives, it is also good to eat locally and to buy locally crafted souvenirs. Besides the fact that the money will stay with the community like is said before, the products and ingredients used are also local and probably not imported. This way, you also supported local farmers and industries. And what is better than tasting the local food and taking home something that is entirely locally made and does not say “made in China”?

5. Avoid mass tourism destinations but be careful of negatively impacting deserted places

More affordable flight tickets and people in need of the sun (or snow) causes many destinations to get flooded by tourists. Many European destinations depend on tourism for income generation, however these destinations also feel the negative sides of mass tourism. Places like beaches or restaurant areas get overcrowded, causing many local people to leave to other places. Tourists can create too much noise for locals, causing, for instance in Venice, Italy, the creation of new laws regarding bringing suitcases with wheels (hard wheels are not allowed anymore as they make too much noise on the streets). 

Mass tourism also brings a big problem of pollution with it. People bring their own snacks and leave the packing behind on the beach or in the nature, which disturbs and kills (marine) life. Bali is one of the mass tourism destinations dealing with a huge waste problem, mainly caused by mass tourism. For all these reasons (and many more) I would like to advise you to choose a destination that is not flooded by tourism, a destination that can handle the amount of tourists coming to the area. 

However, I also want to stress the fact that lesser known, deserted places are also not always the best decision. A place that is not at all ready for tourism, can be damaged very easily and the local community and environment can get harmed by tourists, when not dealt with properly. So think about your next destination and how you as a tourists could positively and negatively influence the place.

6. Do not participate in animal activities

I can be very short about this one, if you want to do an activity that includes animals, think with your head. Petting an animal that in the wild could rip you in little pieces, is not something you should do. Pictures with tigers, lions or other big cats is simply just wrong. These animals are getting abused and put on drugs, just so that you can take your photo with them. Harmless cubs get taken away from their mom when they are too young, so that you can play with them. There is nothing natural about that at all. Same goes for riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, riding donkeys and of course, hunting animals. Animals belong in the wild, and that’s where you should see them. Find a good and reliable organization who care about the wellbeing of the animals, and view the animals from a distance where they will not get disturbed.

7. Avoid cruise tourism

If you want to be a sustainable traveller, just don’t go on a cruise trip. There are multiple reasons why cruise tourism is bad for the environment, but also for local communities. These boats are like moving villages on the water with thousands of people on it. You can imagine the environmental impact of having a village on the water. On average, a person on a cruise ship generates two pounds of solid waste. These massive amounts of waste get often processed on board and then dumped in the oceans.

Not only the environment gets harmed by cruise ships, also the destinations of the cruise feel negative consequences. Ports get overcrowded when the entire ships goes on land. Little streets get flooded by day tourists, who can eat at the ship within their all inclusive package and do not spend a single coin at the destinations. Before deciding on booking a cruise, do some research into the negative impacts of your trip.

8. Minimize your waste generation

I have mentioned this point before on my blog and in my opinion it is one that is easy to take care of by yourself and can prevent major harmful impacts. On a trip, bring your own reusable bottle and decrease the use of plastic bottles. If you generate waste, always make sure to take it with you and throw it away in a bin or take it home and throw it away in your room. Waste that is left at the beach can end up in oceans and kill marine life and pollute water. Those fish can again end up on your plate and you would be eating an amount of microplastics that was inside the fish. Bring a metal straw and refuse the use of plastic straws, don’t do take away where they use single use plastics and always bring your own bag so that you can say no to the use of plastic bags. Maybe it is a bit more thinking during your holiday, but the environment will thank you..

9. Participate in nature activities that do not harm the environment

Last but not least, I would like to focus on nature activities and activities that might harm the nature. Ecolodges are often good options for an environmentally friendly experience in the nature. Often food is produced locally, water is reused and a minimal use of plastics. Here you can enjoy nature in a good and responsible way. Other forms of ecotourism are, for example, hikes with a certified guide.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of activities outdoors that are harming or disturbing the environment. One of them is driving a quad in the desert, which disturbs the desert environment and life. Also, when you go snorkelling, please keep in mind to use coral friendly sunblock and when you go for hikes on your own, stay on the paths to make sure to not destroy the plants.

Of course, there are so much more tips and things to keep in mind while traveling. I really think that if everyone would take these into account, we could make the travel industry a whole lot more sustainable and responsible. Remember that change starts with yourself, just because someone else does something, doesn’t mean you should do it too.

If you have some questions about responsible travel or other remarks, please leave a comment or contact me!

Morocco Animal Aid – putting the welfare of animals first

During my time in Morocco, I decided I wanted to do something for the stray animals of Morocco. While traveling, you often encounter sick and hurt animals but there is not much you can do about it. Now that I was staying at one place, nearby an animal shelter, I decided it was time for me to start volunteering for the animals. This nearby shelter is called Morocco Animal Aid and I will tell you more about them in this blog.

Who are they?

MAA is a small non-profit organisation based near Aourir (Assersif) at the Atlantic coast of Morocco. They vaccinate, treat and feed the dogs, cats, donkeys etc. in the surrounding area and are home to over 120 animals on their land. They make sure that all the animals get the help they need and try to put them up for adoption when they are ready. Some dogs are lucky to find a home outside Morocco and MAA helps them to get to their new homes.


They often encounter dangerous situations like dogs with rabies, but they still take the risks in order to make the Agadir area a safe, rabies free environment. By castrating and sterilizing the dogs and cats they can fight the number of stray animals in the future. They use their Instagram and Facebook account to raise awareness on the problems in the Agadir area regarding stray animals and try to fight the slaughtering of the animals by local people. By vaccinating as many animals as possible and giving them a visible ear tag, they hope to fight the slaughtering and show that these animals are not dangerous to people.

My experience with MAA

As I already said above, during my time in Agadir I wanted to volunteer for the stray animals in Agadir. After some Googling I stumbled upon Morocco Animal Aid and I immediately fell in love with their animals and their work. After contacting them it became clear that they could really use help in hiking with the dogs. As I only had the weekends off, this was perfect for me as I could still help them out! Hiking with the dogs only takes around 2 hours and is a great experience and workout at the same time.

Imagine holding one, two or three dogs and going up and down the mountains. I have learned to not overestimate my strength as this is definitely not the same as walking a dog in the flat flat Netherlands. These dogs are happy to be out, full of energy and very very strong, so walking these dogs is definitely a good exercise haha!

Dog love

To be honest, it felt absolutely amazing to be part of such an amazing initiative. You can really make a difference to the people working there full time and of course to the animals. I am so inspired and amazed by the woman who set everything up. She left Australia for Morocco and started this animal organisation about 4 years ago. To leave your life behind and start doing something so good for the world, I really think that is beautiful!

Of course, unfortunately, it does not always turn out well and they lose animals like dogs, cats or donkeys, but at least you know that these animals died while they were fully loved by the people of Morocco Animal Aid. Because that is what they do, they love and show love to every single one of the animals.

MAA in COVID-19 quarantine

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 has also reached Morocco, which caused the country to go in a full lockdown since half March, and it got extended to June 10.. For Morocco Animal Aid this is absolutely devastating as almost all of their volunteers had to leave Morocco and go home. Vets are now often closed and animals cannot get the help they need. The people at the shelters work day and night to make sure that the animals will survive. Unfortunately, they recently also lost a lot of puppies to the Parvo disease..

What can you do?

As a rather small organization but with many animals, they are dependent on donations and help by people like you! If you are in the Agadir region (Agadir, Taghazout, Tamraght, Aourir), you can help them out by going for a hike with the dogs, as they do not have time and volunteers enough to walk with every single dog. Right now, the dogs go out for a hike once a week, which is of course not enough!

Hiking with the dogs

Going for hikes is really something beautiful. You can see the energy of the dogs and how much they love to go outside and explore the area. The shelter is located near some nice mountains where you can hike to the top for a beautiful view over Aourir and the sea. It is crazy to think that a simple thing like walking a dog can have such a big impact on an organisation like this and its animals.


Bringing supplies

If you are in the Agadir region but you do not have time to go for a hike, you can also donate for instance your old towels. With this many animals, there is always a need for new materials like warm towels. Of course, you can also buy them food or cookies or other supplies!


One of the most important things they need to help out these poor animals is of course money. As they are dependent on donations and going to the vet for treatments is often expensive, they can use all the financial help they can get. So if you do not have time or you cannot help the animals physically, you can also choose to donate an amount of money.

Here are some useful links:



Donate@moroccoanimalaid.com – Email


Adopt, don’t shop!

Last but not least, if you love dogs as much as I do and you have some space left in your house and time left in your life, you can also choose to adopt one of these cute babies! Remember that by adoption, you can save a life and give the animal the best life he or she could ever wish for. I know for sure that once I have a house and a steady life, I will come back to Morocco…

Follow MAA on their socials and check out their website for more information on how you can help!

@moroccoanimalaid – Instagram



Donate@moroccoanimalaid.com – Email


If you have some questions about Morocco Animal Aid or other remarks, please leave a comment or contact me!


Tips to travel from home during the COVID-19 quarantine


COVID-19 is putting pressure on the world and everyone is in quarantine or self-isolation. For those who love traveling as much as I do, and cannot wait to start exploring the world again I would like to share some tips on how to travel from your own comfortable couch at home. Because remember, in times like these with Corona, make sure to stay safe, stay at home and keep distance! But all these measure does not mean that we cannot keep dreaming about traveling and maybe even bring traveling home? I hope my tips will make your time at home a bit less boring and will open your eyes to our beautiful world and bring some nice travel inspirations!

Watch movies and documentaries

One of the easiest methods to start dreaming about traveling and to give your eyes and mind something sweet are movies and documentaries about the world. Documentaries like ‘Our Planet’, ‘Life’ or ‘Earth’ are great examples that show the beauty of nature. For Dutch people I can really recommend the documentary ‘Langs de Yangtze’ by photographer Ruben Terlou, which you can still watch on the website of VPRO.

However to be able to day dream about the world, you do not only have to watch documentaries. Almost all movies show parts of the world, with beautiful shots made at the most unique places. One of my favourite movies of all time is called ‘Lion’ and shows the beauty but also the poverty of India. Also, the famous 007 James Bond movies cover some amazing travel footage in every movie. For instance, the opening scene of Spectre takes place during El Dia de Muertos in Mexico City. Other scenes were, for example, shot in London, Rome and Austria.

Movies are the perfect way to get inspiration for future trips, or to think back to times when you were at that exact same spot as the actor or actress. I remember watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and seeing Julia Roberts eating pizza at one of the most famous places in Napoli at the exact same spot as where I was sitting when I was enjoying that amazing pizza.


I don’t know about you, but to me music is all about memories and feelings. I can hear a particular song and think back about the exact moment where I heard it. Music can make me happy, but definitely can also make me cry. I can’t live without music and I really like different types of music with different languages. A lot of songs remind me of previous travels and music also makes me longing for new travel adventures. So I would like to share a list of my favourite music in different languages so you can think back of past travels with me, or start dreaming about new travel experiences through music!


Arabic music is maybe my latest love. Of course, living in Morocco taught me a lot about the country and culture, but I also managed to pick up some words in Moroccan and Arabic language. Now I love to listen to these songs to take me back to the time I was there in that beautiful country.


  • Zina
  • Kahlete laayoune

Zouhair Bahaoui: 

  • Lazem Alina Nsebro
  • Décapotable

Dadju (Arabic + French):        

  • Wouli Liya
  • Melegim
  • Reine
  • Mafuzzy Style

Faydee (Arabic + English):    

  • Habibi Albi


  • Ya lili                   

Besides these Arabic songs I would also like to share another African singer called Youssou n’Dour with, amongst others, the song 7 seconds.


Besides my love for the Arab language, I also have a crush on the Italian language. Besides the classics of Andrea Bocelli and Eros Ramazzotti, I also really like the following songs that make me think back of the best period of my life: Erasmus exchange in Rimini, Italy.

Takagi & Ketra: 

  • Amore e Capoeira
  • Jambo


  • Senza Pagare
  • Italiana


  • Ti volevo dedicare
  • Per Un Milione


  • Soldi
  • Calipso


  • È sempre bello

Baby K:                                 

  • Playa
  • Roma – Bangkok

Fred de Palma:                   

  • Sincera
  • Una volta ancora
  • Il tuo profumo

And so much more!!


Spanish music, reggaeton.. Do I need to say more to feel the summer holiday vibes? I will list some of my favourites (but I listen to many many more)!

Alvaro Soler:                         

  • La Cintura (I can’t help it, this song still makes me happy)


  • Me Niego

Prince Royce:                         

  • Cúrame

J Balvin:                                 

  • Indeciso

Mau y Ricky:                         

  • Bota Fuego
  • La Boca

Lalo Ebratt :                       

  • Déjate Querer


Because of my mom, I grew up listening to French chansons on Sunday mornings. I think that is where my love for the French language and music started. No real chansons in this list though, but still very nice French songs!

Maître Gims:                         

  • Est-ce que tu m’aimes ?
  • J’me tire
  • Corazón
  • Mi Gna
  • Le pire

Vegedream :                         

  • Ramenez la coupe à la maison
  • Ma Go Sure
  • Daishi
  • Elle est bonne sa mère
  • La fuite

Ninho :                                   

  • La vie qu’on mène

Youssoupha :                         

  • Par Amour


And to really get in the summer and holiday feeling, I would like to add some Caribbean music!


  • Cheers to life

Lil Rick:                                   

  • All is Rum


  • Oh Yay

Buena vista social club:       

  • Chan Chan
  • El Cuarto de Tula
  • De Camino a La Vereda

Dive in the kitchen of..

What is a better time to explore your inner kitchen queen than quarantine? And what is nicer than trying out new dishes from all over the world? You cannot only travel from home through your eyes and ears but also through your mouth, by creating all kinds of world dishes. Think of the Italian kitchen, Indonesian or Moroccan kitchen! During my past travels I had the opportunity to try multiple (veggie) dishes in multiple countries and some of them are still my absolute favourites. The thought of Indonesian fried rice or makdous from Jordan make me so happy and hungry. Of course Italian pizza and pasta are like no other and trying real Japanese sushi is still on my bucket list! The latest kitchen I fell in love with was the Moroccan kitchen with vegetable tajine, couscous and harira soup.

So turn up that music, go online and look for those amazing recipes and prepare a world meal for your quarantine company!

Instagram pages

I think social media like Instagram and Facebook are used more than ever and also to travel from your couch, Instagram can be very useful and nice. I will share my favourite travel accounts that I follow for inspiration and to dream about future travels.

  • @Aggie : Author of Instatravel and inspirational person
  • @Moroccoplaces : Beautiful pictures of my old home Morocco
  • @pilotmadeleine : Travels the world with her baby and fiancé
  • @lexilimitless : Youngest person to travel to every country
  • @momimfine  Built an entire school out of plastic in Tulum
  • @fabrizio_road : Beautiful pictures of la Dolce Vita
  • @sergibasoli : Traveling the world by boat with his dog
  • @girlfromplanetearth : Beautiful travel pics
  • @muradosmann : Creators of #followmeto

Photo albums!

Use this time to FINALLY start working on your photo albums that are waiting for you for years now. I am also guilty of buying photo albums and ordering pictures, but never working on them. I always have these amazing creative ideas, but somehow I never manage to find time to do it. Now time cannot be an excuse anymore, right?! So look for pictures on your camera or computer and start reliving those memories of past travels while capturing all those beautiful moments together at one place.

Learn a new language

Now is the time to finally start learning a new language. There are many books or courses online that will learn you the basics of a language through nice exercises. For Dutch people I can recommend the books by Van Dale. Or of course use the app of Duolingo, which is easy to use and a fun way to start a new language.

Dive in traditions and habits of different cultures

Language is not the only part of a country’s culture. There are many more traditions, habits and rituals you can learn about and why not also try out? Get creative with cultural handicrafts or learn a particular dance (maybe even with the music I shared 😉). During this quarantine period, I will learn more about the Moroccan culture and its Islamic influences and participate a day in the Ramadan. This way, you learn already more about a particular culture from home.

Start planning that dream trip

Last but not least I would like to stress again the importance to keep dreaming. So what is stopping your from planning that dream trip? Dream big, read blogs, travel books, everything to prepare that amazing next trip for the future. The travel industry (like many other industries) is suffering from COVID-19 and it’s important to support it by not cancelling your trip, but to postpone instead (if possible). We need to help each other, but of course, all in a responsible way!

Responsible travel

With all the hurt and painful moments that are going on in the world because of COVID-19, I would like to share a happy thought. As everyone in staying inside to stay safe, the environment finally has a chance to recover a bit from human actions. Less CO2 emissions are released because productions stopped, the air above countries is much cleaner and canals in Venice are clear again. Nature has time to recover from what we did to it. As the tourism sector is completely blocked and at a pause at the moment, this could be our chance to learn from our mistakes and travel more responsibly in the future. I really hope that we will not go back to our polluting and destroying way of living and take this period as a warning that we are destroying our beautiful planet. There is no Planet B so lets take this chance to keep dreaming, rebuild our lives and the travel industry, but all in a responsible way. To protect the environment, the earth and the people.

If you have some questions or other remarks, please leave a comment or contact me!


What to do in Chefchaouen, Morocco


Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl, the Blue City, we probably all heard of this place before, known by its beautiful blue coloured medina. I had the privilege to visit this city in the north of Morocco twice and now I would like to share my tips for a weekend in Chefchaouen!

Discover your inner photographer

First things first: make sure to bring a camera! This city is so crazy beautiful that you will regret it if you do not bring one. Every. Single. Street. Is beautiful in its own way and has a different shade of blue. Everywhere you look you will see picture perfect spots. Add beautiful Arabic writings, doors and colourful fruits and bags full of paint to this and trust me, your camera will be full with Blue Pearl photos. It will be difficult to create ugly pictures in this special place!

Paint, Chefchaouen
Paint Chefchaouen

Doors of Chefchaouen

While walking around in the blue medina, make sure to pay attention to the beautiful diversity of doors in this city. I know.. I am talking about doors, but come on, look at the pictures.. Do I need to say more?…

Door Chefchaouen
Door Chefchaouen
Door Chefchaouen
Door Chefchaouen
Door Chefchaouen
Doors of Chefchaouen
Doors of Chefchaouen

Meet the local inhabitants

Now that we are talking about photography anyway, the local (furry) inhabitants of Chefchaouen are also worth meeting and taking pictures of. Morocco as a country has many  many cute cats walking around in the streets, but Chefchaouen is like the cats kingdom as there are so many! I loved to meet all these furry friends and they love to pose for beautiful pictures with different shades of blue in the background!

Cats of Chefchaouen
Cat of Chefchaouen

Get a view on the city

As beautiful the city is inside the medina, I can also recommend to walk a bit up the hill and leave the medina. From a distance you can have a beautiful view on the city and the mountains. From here you will see blue, but also white coloured houses built against the beautiful Rif mountains. You can choose to go all the way to the Spanish Mosque and watch the sunset from here. I cannot tell you if it is good, as I did not have the chance to do this!

view on Chefchaouen

Visit Place El Haouta

One of the squares that you should not miss while you are in Chefchaouen is Place El Haouta. This cute little square has a blue centrepiece surrounded by little cafes where locals are drinking their daily coffee or Moroccan tea. With the beautiful Rif mountains in the back, this scenic place is worth a stop.

Square Chefchaouen

Drink tea at Place Outa El Hamam

Did you know that the northern way of making Moroccan tea is different from how they do it in the south? Where you will most likely get a small pot of tea with the mint inside the pot and a small glass to pour it in in the south of the country, you will get a big glass of tea in the north. Here, the mint will be inside the glass instead of in the pot.

Place Outa El Hamam is the perfect place to try out a glass like this as you will have a nice view on the busiest square of Chefchaouen.

Mint tea Chefchaouen

Eat street food

Chefchaouen is home to some nice food stalls, juice stands, pastry stands and some rather hidden street food places. I really loved the fresh orange juice and some cinnamon like cookies. What I also loved was a small window with a man inside preparing some kind of potato dish which was a typical snack from Chefchaouen. Try street food where the locals eat it and I can assure you that you will get a whole new experience, it is definitely worth it!

streetfood Chefchaouen

Eat at Chez Hicham

This riad offers a wide selection of Moroccan kitchen and it all tastes so good! Located in the middle of the centre, this restaurant has something for everyone. Even for a veggie like me there were some interesting options. I chose to go for a typical soup from the north called ‘Bissara’ which is made of a particular kind of beans. It is quite thick and together with saffron, the taste is something I never had before in my life. The second dish I had was a vegetarian pastilla, which I can also highly recommend. Even though pastilla (or bastilla) is not typical from the north, I never had a good opportunity to try one as it normally prepared with chicken, pigeon or seafood.

Bissara Chefchaouen

Drink a smoothie at Café Clock

With a relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful view from the rooftop, Café Clock is a must visit when you are in need of a break. Either choose one of their smoothies, drink a cup of tea or enjoy one of their (veggie & vegan) food options!

Cafe Clock Chefchaouen

Stay and eat at La Petite Chefchaouen

My last tip for Chefchaouen is to stay at ‘La Petite Chefchaouen’ and most importantly EAT there. The cook prepared a full Moroccan meal for us with salads, Moroccan spinach, zucchini, soup, tajine and a delicious dessert. I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the best meal I had so far during my stay in Morocco.

The rooms itself are very modern and beautiful but still have that Moroccan touch. It is located in the middle of the medina and thus has an amazing location. Breakfast is served at the rooftop from where you have a beautiful morning view over the city.

Extra tips

I do have some other tips that I unfortunately not yet have experienced myself. So I cannot share my experience but I still think they are worth mentioning.

Visit the kasbah

This kasbah is located at the main square in the city and even though I did not have time to visit it, I think it is worth a stop!

Hike to the Akchour waterfalls

For those feeling active and in the mood for some nature, the hike to Akchour waterfalls is said to be amazing. With multiple waterfalls along the way and a trail that’s not too tough, this hike is definitely recommended!

Watch the sunset from the Spanish Mosque

As I was lucky having beautiful rooftop terraces I never had the urge (and time) to go up to the Spanish Mosque to watch the sunset. But from what I have been told, this should be the best spot to experience a magical sundown!

The Blue Pearl, Chefchaouen
Street of Chefchaouen

If you have some questions or other remarks, please leave a comment or contact me!

Legzira beach

An overnight in Legzira, Morocco

Legzira beach

This beach was already on my Morocco bucket list for a very long time. In the beginning of March 2020 I finally had to chance to go and all my (high) expectations were met! Legzira is a small town famous for its beach and is located south of Agadir, close to the town of Sidi Ifni. In this blog I will tell you everything you need to know for an overnight stay in Legzira.

The arch

The Atlantic coastline of Morocco is very long and impressive, but this is definitely one of my favourite spots of this coastline. What makes Legzira so special is the huge, natural stone arch that is crossing the beach. Until the year of 2016 there was another arch next to it, but unfortunately this one collapsed. Still, it is definitely worth a visit as the colour, consistency of the rocks and the whole setting are very unique.

During the ‘Golden hour’ the arch turns golden orange and with sunset you will be able to get a magical view through the hole. Do make sure to take the tides into account, as with high tide the water blocks the arch and you will not be able to get to the other side again. At the beach, there are some little houses and restaurants where you can enjoy a nice Moroccan meal like a tajine.

Where to stay

During a clear night, you will be able to see the sky getting filled with stars. This is one of the reasons why you should spend the night in Legzira. Other reasons are the beautiful sunset, diner next to the ocean and the fact that (if you do not have a car) public transport is not the best!

My tip for accommodation would be Complexe Kasbah Lagzira. Which is located on top of the cliffs in front of the beach. With a stairs you can get to the bottom of the cliffs and from here you can walk in a few minutes to the arch. The complex consists of many apartments, suitable for multiple persons. With a living room, two bed rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and an extra toilet, these apartments are very spacious but also still very affordable. However, the entire property could use a fresh touch as it looks quite old and a bit forgotten. The peace, quietness and location however do again make up for this and we had a lovely stay here!

Sidi Ifni

I would also like to suggest to have lunch at the nearby town called ‘Sidi Ifni’ and especially at the little restaurant called ‘Nomad’. This colourful restaurant serves a nice amount of Moroccan dishes for a descent price and is located in a cute street. Sidi Ifni is a quiet town too but it is nice to spend some time here. As we visited in low season, I do not have any experience with how busy it can get in high season!

Sidi Ifni

Paragliding Legzira

Another AMAZING activity that you can do in Legzira is Paragliding. Together with Parapente Legzira and a 4WD you will go up the highest mountain in the area for take-off. The paragliding gives you an amazing feeling of flying and the area is crazy beautiful. From the dry mountains, you will fly over the small village of Legzira towards the sea. From here you have a great view on the arch and the entire coastline. 

After +- 10 minutes flying, you will safely land again on the beach. This was an once in a lifetime bucket list experience to me and I would recommend it to everyone! The price of this flight is 500 Moroccan Dirhams which is a bit less than 50 euros.

How to get there

Legzira is located around 3 hours driving south of Agadir. Unfortunately, public transport to this beautiful place is not ideal. You can take the CTM bus to the closest city: Tiznit. From here you will need to find a shared taxi (taxis that fit 6 passengers) that will take you to either Mirleft or Sidi Ifni. From here you will need to take another taxi to Plage Legzira. However, once you get there, it will be difficult to find transportation back.

This is why I would recommend getting either a private transfer (expensive) or to rent a car. In this way you can drive in a relaxed pace and stop whenever you want. We rented the car for two full days and left on a Saturday morning. We arrived in the early afternoon and went to Sidi Ifni by car for lunch. On the way back we stopped for lunch and a walk in Tiznit.

Place Outa El Hamam is the perfect place to try out a glass like this as you will have a nice view on the busiest square of Chefchaouen.

Road to Legzira


Tiznit is a city on the way from Agadir to Legzira and is known for its silver jewellery. It is not big, but it is nice for a stroll through the medina and to have lunch on your way. I love it that every Moroccan city has its own unique medina, so it keeps amazing me every time. Men preparing their herbs in big bags, chickens in cages ready to be sold, butcheries and in Tiznit also a lot of jewellery places of course. I would recommend to include Tiznit in either your way to Legzira or your way back as it is definitely worth a look.

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10 beautiful places in Sri Lanka

In 2017 we travelled to Sri Lanka. I was very excited as I always wanted to go to India and I felt this would be a little bit like ‘Little India’. In some way this was right and it reminded me of the image I had of India, but Sri Lanka is an independent country with lots of unique places to offer itself. In this blog I will share my favourite places in Sri Lanka, but of course, the country has many more great places!

1. Kandy

Let me start with probably my favourite place in Sri Lanka: Kandy. This cultural capital is located in the middle of the country and is home to one of the most interesting festivals I have ever been to: Esala Perharera. During the time of the festival, Kandy is transformed into a bustling city with big crowds of people. This is why we did not go to the famous Relic of the tooth of Buddha in the Tooth temple. But, if you are in Kandy in the low season (away from the big festival) then you should stop here as it is part of their cultural beliefs. What I like about Kandy is its relaxed atmosphere, with small coffee bars in the streets and the characteristic street views of normal daily life in Kandy.

If you are planning your trip close to the dates of the Esala Perahera, I would definitely suggest to plan your way through Sri Lanka around this festival. It is very worth it to stop in Kandy during this festival. However, you do need to take into account that to have a spot in the streets to see the festival, you need to ‘buy’ a chair. As more and more tourists want to experience this festival, organisations sell these chairs for crazy high prices so you got to make sure to make a good deal. We were able to last minute buy four chairs at a corner spot which gave us an amazing view on the dancers, musicians and elephants (you can question the use of elephants for a festival like this…)

2. Ella

And mostly the way to Ella is why this place deserves a spot in this list. The train ride to Ella is named as one of the most beautiful train rides in the world and I can understand why. Trains in Sri Lanka are full when they are really FULL. We often saw people hanging out of the trains, or jumping in when the train was already leaving. The train ride to Ella is a popular one, so make sure to be on time or sit like us on the ground near the doors. To be honest, this gave us a real local experience, instead of traveling the more expensive and comfortable first class. During this ride, you will encounter beautiful mountains, nature and people on other trains.

Ella itself is a nice and relaxed backpackers town with a lot of nice restaurant options and also a few day trekking’s. I still regret not going to the 9 arches bridge, but we did do the ‘Little Adams Peak’ trekking. As the real Adams Peak is very wet during our summer months, we decided to skip this hike and do the little one in Ella instead.

3. Trincomalee

Because of the civil war between the military of Sri Lanka and the separatist Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam, the north of the country was a no go area for a long period of time. Now, Trincomalee is one of the places in the north that are less discovered than the other places in the country. Think of beautiful beaches and Hindu temples where there are mostly local people and the hospitality of the local people who are happy there are finally tourists coming again!

A must-see in Trincomalee is the Koneswaram Temple where you can see Hindu architecture and its worshippers. Of course my sister and I (both tall and blonde) were asked for pictures, and we decided to make use of this opportunity to get a picture with the locals ourselves. It turned out to be a beautiful and colourful picture! (See photo at the top of this blog).

Another activity, besides going to the beach, that is popular in Trincomalee is to go dolphin / whale watching. Unfortunately, we were unlucky as we did not see a blue whale (the people after us saw one..) but we still enjoyed all the dolphins playing with the waves! Taking a boat is also a nice way of experiencing the country from a different angle.

4. Sigirya or “the Lions Rock”

One of the famous places of Sri Lanka is the Lions Rock, or its real name: Sigirya. Sad thing is that this is probably the most touristy spot of the country. Think of climbing the rock in a queue.. However, think about the beauty of this rock and the landscape in which it is located then you will understand why it is so famous by the masses. You can climb the rock all the way to the top where there used to be a fortress, now it only functions as a viewpoint.

If you want to have a more quiet experience, you can choose to climb the Pidurangala Rock which will have a view on the Lions Rock. Or if you have plenty of time, you can choose to climb both and then decide which one you liked best. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to do both but it is definitely on my list!

5. Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura once was the capital of Sri Lanka. This is why the Buddhists build a lot of temples, stupas, elephant statues, etc. in this city. Some of which are nicely restored and show the culture of Buddhism. Do not forget to bring socks as you will have to take off your shoes and the ground is crazy hot because of the sun! For history lovers, Anuradhapura is the place to be and learn about Buddhism.

6. Mihintale

I would recommend to combine Anuradhapura with a visit to Mihintale, which is seen as the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Here you can climb to the top of a holy rock and see some more Buddha statues and stupas. But be aware of the monkeys! They can get a bit too interested in your food and try to steal it..

7. Galle

This little sea side town is known for its VOC influences. Sri Lanka once was a colony of the Netherlands, which is why you can still find old VOC signs and other old buildings. As it is UNESCO heritage, it gets preserved in its original state. I loved the relaxed and nice atmosphere in this little town, that is surrounded by water! Discover all the monuments and take a walk on the city walls.

8. Tangalle

Looking for a destination where you will have the beach to yourself? Tangalle is your place to be! Tangalle is a very, very small town in the south of the country and is the perfect place to unwind from all the impressions of the cities.

9. Dambulla

This place is famous for its caves. Inside these caves you can see a lot of beautiful Buddha statues and paintings. The whole atmosphere feels very spiritual and special and is perfect to combine with one of the national parks like Minneriya and the Sigirya rock.

10. National Parks

Sri Lanka is also home to many different national parks. It has a great variety of animals like elephants, deers, crocodiles, leopards etc. As there are lots of different parks spread over the country, it can be difficult to choose. We decided to go elephant watching at the lesser known Giritale national park and look for leopards at Yala national park. Unfortunately, no leopards for us, but still a lot of other beautiful animals!

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What to do in Essaouira, Morocco


Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is a city at the Atlantic coast of Morocco. This town, famous for its harbour and great wind- and kitesurf spots is the perfect relaxed getaway from cities like Marrakech and Agadir. Being used as a filmset for the popular tv series ‘Game of Thrones’ make that the visitor numbers increase quickly.

Often people only go to Essaouira in a day trip from Marrakech, however I would definitely recommend staying a few nights in this beautiful and relaxed sea side town! Besides the fact that it is around 3 hours driving from Marrakech, it has a lot to offer to those who stay longer than a day. In this blog I will share my tips for a perfect stay in Essaouira, Morocco!

Skala du Port

This is the place that every Game of Thrones fan will probably recognize. This iconic fortress  functioned in the 18th century as protection for the entrance of the harbour and the rest of the city. Now you can enter the squared tower, walk on the fortified walls and enjoy the beautiful views on the ocean, the harbour and the medina of Essaouira. Do keep in mind that, even though a lot of blogs say differently, the entrance fee of this Skala is 50 dirhams for foreigners and not 10 anymore!

The harbour

Coming from the medina of Essaouira and passing the Skala du Port, you will enter the harbour. This harbour is characterized by lots of blue fishing boats and fish being sold everywhere you look. If you have a sensitive nose, this place might not be good for you. However, if you are able to cope with the smells, this place is very interesting to walk around. Here you can see locals selling and buying the freshly caught fish and count all the different species that are on sale. If you want to experience some of the local life in Morocco, this is the place to be.

Skala de la Kasbah

Other than the other Skala, this one is free to enter. This part of the fortress has also great views of the Atlantic ocean and contains nice shops for souvenirs. Combine a visit to these walls with a stroll through the medina.

The Medina of Essaouira

The medina of Essaouira is worth mentioning by itself. This medina is more wide and relaxed in comparison to the medina of Marrakech. Wander around this rather small medina and enjoy the white-blue coloured walls and beautiful colourful doors.

Go art shopping

What I like about Essaouira is its relaxed atmosphere. Other than that, it is also a very artistic place with lots of beautiful galleries showing work of all kinds of artists. Everywhere in the medina there are little shops with people working on their latest art and often for a small amount of money, you can already buy a nice and unique piece of art. Last time I visited Essaouira, my parents and I discovered a tiny place in one of the outer parts of the medina, selling cute drawings and paintings of Essaouira and its animals.

Go to the beach

Essaouira is also home to a big and beautiful beach. However, as you might know, Essaouira’s nick name is ‘the Windy City’ so do not expect a nice and relaxed day sunbathing at the beach as you will probably get covered with sand haha. Still the beach of Essaouira is worth a visit because of its great opportunities for wind- and kitesurfing! And for those who never tried it, or want to improve their skills, there are lots of surf schools offering lessons! If you are feeling a bit less active, or if you are visiting in the winter (and you find the water too cold for a swim) there are camels and horses waiting on the beach for people to go for a ride.

Listen to live music at the Moulay Hassan Square

This main square in between the harbour and the medina of Essaouira is always busy. People are having a drink at one of the terraces, walking around or listening to some live music that is performed by local musicians. The music brings a nice atmosphere to the square with a real holiday feeling!

Where to eat?

During my stays in Essaouira I tried out multiple good (but also very bad) spots to eat and drink. My first tip is to not eat at the main square as the food is often not very good. However, we did like the freshly prepared crepes there! For fresh fish you can go to one of the stands near the harbour and choose your own fish that you would like to eat, however I did not try this (of course because I am vegetarian) because I have heard of local people that this is mostly a tourist trap. So be careful if you are trying these spots! Besides these tips I have some very nice places to enjoy good food and drinks!

Le Love by Caravane

This beautiful restaurant contains of two parts: one for tapas and cocktails and one for a la carte. The interior is extremely colourful and you can tell that its designed by an artist. They offer Moroccan dishes with a twist and also European and Asian dishes, which makes the menu very diverse. Definitely a must try when you are in Essaouira! Tip from my meat eating friends / family: try the chicken with pineapple and caramel sauce. I really like the filled mushrooms!

Le Chalet de la Plage

This restaurant is located near the beach and offers a wide range of fresh fish. As a veggie I really loved the filled eggplant!

Ocean Vagabond

This restaurant / bar is located all the way near the end of the beach. The view from here is amazing as this is the spot where all the camels are laying and as the sun sets this will create beautiful silhouettes. With super friendly staff, this place is perfect for a lunch after some surfing or for a drink in the evening to escape the medina for a moment. They offer a variety of lunch and dinner dishes.

Taros café

This café is located at the main square on the rooftop of one of the surrounding buildings. It has beach bar vibes and is the perfect spot for a nice drink. In the evenings there will be live music, so during summer nights this is perfect. If you are visiting in winter, make sure to bring a warm coat as temperatures tend to drop in the night!

How to get to Essaouira, Morocco?

Public transport

There are no trains that reach Essaouira, so the only public transport are busses. I prefer the two companies called Supratours and CTM. These busses operate between Marrakech – Essaouira, Agadir – Essaouira and Safi – Essaouira and are quite comfortable. Since some time ago, Supratours introduced the Comfort busses from Marrakech to Essaouira, which offer more (leg) space, WI-FI and a bottle of water. On the other routes there are only normal busses. The bus from Marrakech will take around 3 hours and from Agadir 3.5 and cost around 70 dirhams. Check the websites of the bus companies for the latest schedules and prices! Another form of ‘public transport’ are the shared taxis, in which you will share the taxi with 6 other people and you share the price to Essaouira. However, as its quite a long drive, it might not be as comfortable to sit with 4 people in the back of the car..

Private Taxi

You can also choose to order a private taxi to take you to Essaouira. Advantages of this option is that you can stop at any place where you want to stop for example pictures. We were able to stop when we saw goats climbing in trees! If you want to know how to see this natural phenomenon in an ethical way, make sure to read my blog about responsible travel in Morocco. Disadvantage for this way of transportation of course are the costs. A normal price for a one way drive to Essaouira from e.g. Agadir will cost you between 900 and 1000 dirhams.

Rental car

The last option is to drive yourself. If you are a confident driver and like to drive on winding ocean roads it could definitely be something for you! Of course you will have all the freedom to stop at places and enjoy the beautiful views. Just keep in mind that the medina of Essaouira is not accessible for cars, so you should find a parking spot before entering the centre of Essaouira.

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Malta: places to go using public transport


Malta, known for its crystal clear waters was a real surprise to me. As we chose to stay in one hotel the entire stay, we used the public transport to get around the island. Malta island is the biggest of the three (Gozo and Comino) but a lot of parts are well accessible by public transport like busses. In this blog I will share my favourite places on Malta island that are accessible by using only public transport!

1. Marsaxlokk & St. Peter’s Pool

All the way to the Southeast of the island you can find a small fishers village called Marsaxlokk. This cute place is mostly famous for its colourful boats and the sand coloured buildings in the back. For the fish lovers, this is the place to be to enjoy a fresh fish dish. I just liked to wander around and take in all the colours (and smells) of this town.

When you are done wandering around, you can hop in a little boat and head to a popular swimming spot called ‘St. Peter’s Pool’. A big cove creates a beautiful natural swimming pool and for the dare devils there are multiple spots for ‘cliff’ jumping. Bring a towel and relax on the rocks after your dip in the ocean. There is a small path leading upwards and all the way to the top you can find a small facility where you can buy some drinks / food. Do not expect anything fancy!

2. Valletta

Even though I was a bit disappointed by this capital city, I still think it is a must-see during your time in Malta. Because we stayed in Sliema, we took the ferry from here to the other side of the water. This was already one of the highlights as this will give you the well known view on Valletta, with its skyline.

Valletta itself has some nice terraces where you can enjoy lunch and cute streets (some very steep!) where you can wander around. I really liked the view over the big harbour at the Upper Barrakka Gardens. In my opinion, this place is good for a daytrip to walk around and sense the feeling of the capital of Malta, but there are more nice places on Malta.

3. Mdina

This old city in the middle of the island once was the capital of Malta. Most of its buildings date back to the Medieval times and it is fully surrounded by city walls. Seeing horse carriages riding through the narrow streets take you back in time. As it lays on a hill, there are some nice places to eat and have a great view over the island. Go early so you can spend some time in this city before you head to your stop for watching the sunset: Dingli Cliffs.

4. Dingli Cliffs

At the South coast of Malta there are cliffs called ‘Dingli Cliffs’. These cliffs are 220 meters high and are 12 kilometres long. From here you have a spectacular view over the Mediterranean sea. This is the perfect spot to watch a beautiful sunset where you will see the sun disappear in the sea.

5. Kalkara

Before we went to our hotel in Sliema, we decided to stay the first night in a small village called Kalkara. We were lucky as this night were the celebrations of Saint Joseph and there were festivities and fireworks everywhere. We could not have wished for a better start of our holiday here. Kalkara has a small bay with colourful fishing boats floating in the water. There is not much else to see, but it is nice to spend some time.

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Picturesque Termoli, Italy


Even though I love to write and explain places with a loooot of words, in this blog I am going to try to use less words and show you with pictures why I loved Termoli. During my research in Italy, I stayed a few nights in this harbour town as it was the place from where the ferries depart. I did not expect much of this village, but I was positively surprised! It turns out to be a very cute and colourful town with pastel coloured houses, beautiful sunsets and good food!

In the evening there is some music on the squares in the town and a lot of people go out for food or a drink. Even though I did not always have the best weather (got a lot of rain), this town had a particular atmosphere which I really liked! So now I am going to sh*t up and leave the work to the pictures! I recommend staying a night here before you go to the beautiful Tremiti Islands!

I mean.. Look at these houses!

How cute is this little house?!!

Perfect for the Gram right…?

To me this view looks like a painting.. Believe me, it’s not!

So now that the pictures caught your attention, I would like to share some general information on where to stay, where to eat and how to get there.

Dependance Ludovica

I found this apartment on Booking.com and is the in the middle of the centre! You will have your own full apartment, with bedroom, bathroom and living room with a small kitchen! For me this was perfect as I was able to go out for dinner but also cook something cheap at home. The apartment is very clean and cute and it has breakfast included which you can get a few streets away at a local coffee bar.

Il Mosto Selvatico

In this little restaurant with very kind staff, you can have a full Italian dinner. I loved this place because of the options for veggies including bruschetta and veggie salads. Combine this with some Italian wine.. Yummm..

How to get there?

Termoli has a train station that connects with big parts of Italy. When I arrived in Bari, I took a direct train to Termoli. During my time there, I also went twice to Rimini, which is also a direct train with the most beautiful scenery along the way! Check daily schedules and prices on: https://www.trenitalia.com/

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12 things to do in Hong Kong


I did not know what to expect from a city like Hong Kong. I guess I was expecting a big, grey and busy city with only big sky scrapers and densely populated. I found out, however, that Hong Kong is so much more than this. Consisting of multiple islands, this city offers multiple natural and man made wonders and is great for hiking and experiencing some of the Asian culture. In this blog I will list some of my favourite places in Hong Kong.

The Victoria Peak

Located on Hong Kong island, you can do very nice hikes to a view point called the Peak. However, as I was alone and meeting my sister in the evening, I chose to visit the Peak the easy way. Besides visiting on foot, you can also go to the Peak by tram. This little Peak tram operates between the top of the hill and the bottom (Lower Peak Tram Terminus) and provides gorgeous views of the city along the way. A single ticket costs 37 Hong Kong Dollars and a double ticket costs 52 Hong Kong Dollars.

At the top you will first have to walk through the souvenir shop after which you can choose to watch the view from a Skydeck. Of course, there is a fee for this deck and I would recommend to just go outside and watch the gorgeous view from one of the other great spots.

Street art in Central and SOHO

I love walking around looking for some good street art. In Hong Kong the areas of Central and SOHO are perfect for enjoying street art. Use the central-mid elevators to get to the top and do not forget your camera to create some nice pictures!

Eat at Mana! in Central

At this little vegetarian restaurant you can have “fast – slow food”. Here you can either choose a flatbread, a burger or a salad. They provide plant based food with a minimal impact to the environment. They turn their food waste and compostable packaging into compost that is used at local farms to grow food. At this cosy place you can have a delicious meal with a positive impact on the planet!

See the Monster building at Quarry Bay

I happen to forgot the real name of this building, but you will probably understand why people call it the monster building. These apartments are famous on the Gram because of their colour and greatness. Standing here, will make you feel really small and it is nice to see how local people live in a big city like Hong Kong.

Experience the busy city at Times square

One of the most busy spots of Hong Kong is for sure Times square. If you want to experience the city’s hectic character, this is your place. Sometimes it is just nice to sit down and watch people, right?

Street karaoke and performances at Mong Kok

At Mong Kok you can walk down the street and around you there will be people performing some karaoke. Some are better than the others, just take a chair, sit down and enjoy the performances!

Party at Lang Kwai Fong

This is the area where everyone goes for a drink and for going out. Before heading into clubs or bars, people tend to drink a beer in the street, which they buy at the 7eleven. Here you can experience the evening coming to life and the people getting ready for a long night out.

Horse racing at Happy Valley Racecourse

When you plan your trip to Hong Kong, make sure to include at least one Wednesday evening! This is the night to go see some horse races and if you want try to win some money! But be careful.. it is addictive to keep going until you win something.. I know out of experience haha..

Drink expensive cocktails at one of the many rooftop bars

When you are in a city like Hong Kong, you got to go up at least once. I love getting an overview of a city, just to get a picture where you are exactly. In Hong Kong there are many nice and fancy bars where you can enjoy the view with a good but ridiculously overpriced cocktail. Anyway.. it is worth it right? We went to the rooftop of the Wooloomooloo bar in Wan Chai.

See the Nong Ping Big Buddha

Of course there is also a lot to do and see outside of Hong Kong Island. One of these options is taking the Ngong Ping Cable Car to the Nong Ping Big Buddha at Lantau island. 

The ride in the cable car will give you a great view of the city and the green mountains and you will end up near the Buddha. Unfortunately we did not have much luck as it was a very cloudy day, so half of the Buddha disappeared in the clouds.

Tai O fishing village and hike to the natural infinity pool

On the same island as the Big Buddha is a cute little fishers village called Tai O. Here you can see more of authentic Asia, with little boats and fish being sold in the harbour.

After a nice walk through the village you can go on a hike towards a natural infinity pool. At this point, it was just my sister and I and it was a magical feeling to be in the nature, without anyone else, knowing the city is so nearby..

This really is the other side of Hong Kong! Unfortunately, it is not allowed to swim in this ‘pool’. As it functions as a reservoir for the drinking water of Hong Kong. However, the scenery is still magical and worth the hike!

Hike and enjoy the beach at Sai Kung Country Park

A bit further away from Hong Kong Island, but still worth the effort is the Sai Kung Country Park. Here you can do multiple hikes of different difficulties, but trust me.. it is hard to follow a trail, we lost the path multiple times haha.. This did bring us to beautiful spots with the most amazing views, though. I was amazed by the beautiful nature that Hong Kong has to offer, as I was only expecting a big city..

Besides hiking, you can relax at some beautiful beaches, eat lunch at one of the little restaurants and for the real adventurers: camp in the park! As I did not have enough time and we did not came prepared, we had to skip the camping..

Hong Kong is a place that surprised me a lot and is definitely a place I would like to return to. There are so many possible hikes around the city that are all unique in their own way. Nature and the facilities of a city are all within reach.

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