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Highlights of Jordan

wadi rum jordan

Jordan is gaining popularity in the tourism sector. I think Jordan is an amazing country with kind people, good food and amazing sites. This blog will contain all my best tips for an unforgettable journey in this Middle Eastern country.


This ancient city is an UNESCO heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world. Petra is a must visit during your trip to Jordan and was one of my personal highlights. Petra is not just that one image that probably everyone knows. Even though it is one of the highlights of Petra, the Treasury is not all there is to see. Starting with the entrance of the park, you will walk towards the Siq. Here you can already see the red rocks and some creations that were made from the rocks. Once you arrive at the Siq, the real adventure starts. The Siq is a small canyon which works as a pathway to the first real site to see in Petra: the Treasury.

The Siq itself is already worth visiting Petra. For those who are not able to walk much, there are horse carriages that can take you to the Treasury. However, if you do not need this, I would definitely recommend to walk. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Siq at a slower pace. The end of the Siq is probably what everyone is waiting for: The Treasury. Here I would like to suggest to step away from your camera for a moment and take in the beauty of this building. After the walk through the Siq, there are more hiking trails of different levels. I would definitely recommend to do the Treasury from above and the trail to the Monastery.

The easiest way to visit Petra is to stay in the village nearby called ‘Wadi Musa’. Here are multiple hotels and restaurants. From the hotel, a shuttle to the entrance is offered, which is most of the times for free. The entrance to Petra is quite expensive (around 60 euros for 1 day) but I would definitely recommend to go at least 2 days. Besides buying your ticket at the ticket office at the entrance of the park, there is the option to buy a Jordan Pass before your trip starts. This pass includes multiple sites throughout the country and you can choose how many days Petra you want to include. In this way you will save some money, you are sure of your tickets and the visa costs for entering Jordan are included. I will share more tips about Petra in my Petra Guide later on my website!

Wadi Rum desert

Of course, the Wadi Rum desert cannot miss in this list. Wadi Rum is located in the south of Jordan and is used in multiple movies (e.g. the Martian) because of its interesting landscape. We arrived at the entrance of the desert and here we had to wait for the owner of the camp to pick us up. He brought us first to Rum village where we had a tea in his house and discussed our wishes for the day and night.

wadi rum

We decided to do a 4×4 tour through the desert which dropped us off at the camp at the end of the trip. This was an amazing experience with a very nice driver who gave us the opportunity to stop often and give us time to walk around and enjoy the desert. We drove around the desert for a few hours, visiting some of the famous spots and even got to drive the car ourselves. It was a crazy but amazing experience to drive a 4×4 truck in the middle of nowhere with no path and just sand in front of you!

After the 4×4 trip we arrived at the camp where we would sleep. This camp is called ‘Beyond Wadi Rum Camp’ and is run by a five local brothers. There are a couple of tents with comfortable beds, a place to shower and to go to the bathroom and there is a small place to where you can eat your dinner. From the camp you see and hear nothing but the desert which creates an amazing and peaceful atmosphere. In the evening they prepare a traditional desert barbecue with the most amazing food. Even though I am a vegetarian I had one of the best meals of the trip here in the desert.

After dinner the staff goes home and you stay in the desert, you can drink a cup of tea whilst looking at the stars. We were there alone with only one other couple and the whole experience was just magical. After a beautiful night looking at the stars, we quickly got a few hours of sleep before waking up the next day in the desert.

beyond wadi rum camp

After breakfast we left the camp, this time not by 4×4 but by camel! This camel ride made the desert experience complete. Even though it was not the longest ride it was okay as camels are not very comfortable.. Still, it was an once in a lifetime experience to ride a camel in the Wadi Rum desert.

My tip for a good accommodation in the Wadi Rum desert is to look at the location of the camps. Our camp was located somewhere in the middle of the desert which creates a much more authentic experience than the camps located near the road. Here you will still hear the road in the night, which might ruin your peaceful desert experience.

Dead Sea

When visiting Jordan, this place cannot not be on your list. Experiencing the lowest point on earth whilst floating and covered in mud.. do I need to say more? Unfortunately this place is drying up because of climate change and the sea already decreased a lot in size. From here, you are so close to the Israelian border that you can see it on the opposite side of the sea, which gives an extra special touch.

I do have to warn you though! As magical as this place sounds, it is wise to take some things into account before you dive in the Dead Sea. Point one: ‘diving’ not a smart thing to do as your eyes will hurt like hell because of the high amount of salt. Point 2: try to NOT visit the Dead Sea right after you sat on a camel or visited Wadi Mujib..

We arrived at the Dead Sea right after visiting Wadi Mujib (which I will tell more about below) with our legs and butts scratched and bruised from all the rocks in this big canyon. Without thinking twice about it, I covered myself in mud and went into the sea. What I did not expect was the high amount of salt being in the sea stinging my wounds so bad that I run out while crying and trying to shower all the mud and salt from my skin. What also did not help, was the temperature of the outside shower that was heated by the outside temperature of 44 degrees Celsius that day.. The benefit of this painful experience was that my wounds were completely gone the next day! The next day I was able to fully enjoy the Dead Sea and experience this natural wonder.

dead sea

The easiest way to get to the Dead Sea is to stay at one of the resorts located at the shore. These resorts often have a few swimming pools, restaurants, spa’s and direct access to the sea and its healthy mud.

Wadi Mujib

This place is maybe a bit lesser known by the wider public, but definitely worth a stop. Wadi Mujib is a big canyon offering a few different trails for the more adventurous travellers. What makes this canyon special is the cool water rushing through, creating a real canyoning experience. When we were there, there was only one trail opened because of safety reasons. This trail was the ‘easiest’ one and is allowed without a guide. The river starts quite calm and you can manage to stay dry for some time. At one point, the river gets smaller, deeper and rougher and you need to swim, climb and slide through the canyon. Sometimes strong currents are difficult to conquer and this makes some people to give up before the finish line: the waterfall at the end of the trail. Luckily, we all managed to make it to the end and we were able to see the full beauty of Wadi Mujib.

On the way back, you take the same route but this time you would let the river guide you downstream. While laying in the water, you will probably bump into a few unexpected rocks (which caused the scratches) but it is worth the experience of complete freedom!

Because the entrance of Wadi Mujib is next to a road, we were afraid to leave our valuables in the car. Being the well prepared person I am, I brought a drybag. So we decided to bring our passports, money and one phone with us to the canyon. We thought that this was a smart decision as we had the drybag right?! Unfortunately our drybag was not ‘rock-proof’ and on the way back it got a scratch which caused water getting in our bag. When we got out of the water, we saw that the phone, the money and the passports got ruined.. So be careful with trusting drybags! I still get questions at border controls if I went swimming with my passport haha..

Even though, we lost almost all our pictures of that day, our belongings got ruined and our bodies got scratched, Wadi Mujib was definitely worth the visit!



This is the place where our journey through Jordan started and we could not ask for a better start. Amman is the capital of Jordan and is home to some very nice hotspots. Our hotel was located across the Roman Theatre and within walking distance of the Amman Citadel. This citadel consists of a few ruins on top of a hill, but what is more impressive is the view from here. You can see the whole city and during a call for prayer this place turns magical for a few seconds.

amman citadel

Besides these ruins, Amman has also some great food to offer. Jordan cuisine is all about small dishes called ‘Mezze’, which include pita, hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, haloumi cheese etc. There is one particular place in Amman which is famous for its falafel: Hashem Restaurant. Without ordering anything, they will come to your table and fill it with all kinds of mezze. We had the best falafel ever and we only had to pay around 6 euros for the whole table.

There are lots of options for accommodation in Amman, however we very much liked our stay at the Amman Pascha hotel. This is because of the local people that we met here. Every evening they would sit on the rooftop, make music and sing songs. We were invited to sit with them and they shared stories about Jordan with us. The second night we even got invited to go to the rooftop bar of the W hotel, which is the place where the elite of Jordan comes to party. This was an once in a lifetime experience and Amman became one of the highlights of our trip because of the people we met there. The hotel is also home to some very cute animals like rabbits, guineapigs, owls and chipmunks!


Amman is also perfect for daytrips to, for instance, Jerash. Here, we met someone from Syria who invited us for a lunch at his home. Here you can read more about this memorable experience!

Jerash Jordan


Madaba is a city located near Amman and the airport and is famous for its floor mosaics. We stayed at a very nice hotel in the centre called: Saint John hotel. With a very nice view on the mosque from the restaurant and bar, where you can order a nice lemon mint (must try when you are in Jordan!!).


In this small city you can find the Saint George church with a mosaic on the floor showing the oldest map of Palestine. Besides this historical aspect is Madaba a very nice destination because of its friendly and welcoming inhabitants. I liked our time in Madaba, because of the relaxed atmosphere and the kind people. Everyone was friendly and we were able to explore the city on foot.

During our time in Madaba, we had one of our best meals of our trip through Jordan at: Haret Jdoudna. I can definitely recommend ordering the Fatteh Makdous here, which is an eggplant dish with yoghurt, pine nuts and crispy bread and it is simply yummie!!

Some general information..

Jordan pass

During our Jordan trip, we used the Jordan pass. You can buy this pass online and enjoy some nice free entries to sites in Jordan. With this pass you can also include the entrance to Petra and choose how many days you would like to visit this wonder of the world. Another benefit of the Jordan pass is that it includes your Visa on arrival! So when you entre the country, you can just show your pass and you will get your visa! Find more information on: https://www.jordanpass.jo/ (non spon)

Public transport

I love to travel a country by myself and make use of public transport. Using public transport is environmental friendlier than going by private taxi or by car and gives you the opportunity to get closer to the local community. We had some nice but also challenging experiences with the public transport in Jordan. There are no trains in Jordan, so you will have to take the bus. These busses are not reliable and often leave when its full, so if you are on a tight schedule, this might not be the best option. This is why I was very happy that we had many days in Jordan, so we could travel at a slow pace. Often busses to other cities only leave once per day and are packed with people.

As two Western people in a bus full of locals, we got a lot of eyes looking at us, but also a lot of friendly faces. On one bus ride from Kerak to Wadi Musa, my boyfriend got asked if he could arrange a Dutch visa for the person sitting next to him haha.

We travelled from Amman all the way south to Wadi Musa by bus, which was perfectly fine. A few days later we were supposed to take the 6 am bus to Wadi Rum, but as we were lucky to meet a Dutch couple with a car, we could travel with them to the desert and later to Aqaba, Wadi Mujib and Madaba!

How to dress in Jordan

We travelled to Jordan in July, which means that the temperature was around 35 degrees celcius, with a peak of 44 degrees celcius at the Dead Sea. Even though it is hot during the day, there is almost everywhere a nice breeze and in the evening it also cools down to a nice temperature.

However, as a big part of Jordan is Muslim, it is wise to always cover your shoulders and knees as a woman and also cover your shoulders as a man. Not only as a way of showing respect to the local culture, but also to avoid getting unwanted attention.

I would suggest bringing loose fitting clothes that are made of thin fabric to keep you cool. We also liked to wear a scarf on our heads that we bought in Jerash, which not only looks awesome on pictures, but also protects your head from burning.

If you like to go to one of the fancy rooftop bars in Amman like the one at the W hotel, make sure to pack some fancy clothing as casual outfits will not be allowed inside. We got almost denied because my boyfriend was wearing shorts.

wadi rum

If you have some questions about our Jordan adventure or other remarks, please leave a comment or contact me!

My 7 favourite sunsets around the world

As I am from the Netherlands and it often rains in this country, I always prefer a destination with lots of sun to travel to. Not only brings the sun warmth and a nice tan (however, I always turn red immediately..) the sun is maybe at its most magical when it is about to set.

Lots of people come together to watch the sun disappear after a full day of activities. I always think about the places where the day will start after it ends where I am at that point in time. As I love to sleep, I prefer watching sunsets over sunrises.. Which is why I would like to share my 7 favourite places for watching the sunset that I have experienced so far.

Walakiri Beach, Sumba Indonesia

This beach was already mentioned in my Sumba highlights post, but I think it also deserves a spot in this list. The sunset here creates a beautiful image of mangrove tree silhouettes. These trees look like they are about to dance, which is why they are often called ‘Dancing Trees of Sumba’ and people pose with them as if they are dancing. This trip was very special to me as we went to Indonesia to do research about waste management on two islands: Sumba and Belitung. I will never forget the beautiful people we met and the experiences we had..

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Sleeping in the desert was on my bucket list already for a long time. To see the sun set in this desert with nothing around you and in full quietness is just magical. The desert gets filled with beautiful sunrays and colours and if you are lucky you see a family of camels passing. After the last string of light the desert is dark and you will see a sky full of stars..

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca, Morocco

This spot is perfect for the ones that love architecture and photography. The mosque with the colours of the sun shining created magical pictures. During sunset a lot of families come to the square in front of the mosque to enjoy a nice evening out. The Moroccan culture and architecture in combination with the colours of the sunset is the reason why this place is in this list.

Agadir beach, Morocco

Another spot in Morocco to enjoy a beautiful sunset is on the beach of Agadir. Now that I live here, I look out of my window every night to enjoy the sunset. Every single time I get amazed by the different colours of the sky. At one point, the whole sky turns a bright purple and in combination with the mountains in the background and the palm trees, this is a must see sunset!

Agadir beach
WhatsApp Image 2019-10-30 at 10.06.49 (5)

Liberty Bridge Budapest, Hungary

For this next sunset we are going to Europe. Of course, to enjoy a nice sunset you do not have to fly for hours. There are a lot of beautiful places for sunsets closer to home. This next one is in Hungary, which I experienced with my sister during our interrail trip. In our hostel they told us to go to Liberty Bridge during sunset. During this time of the day, people from all over the city come to this bridge and climb on it to find the best spot to sit and watch the river. Here, the sun will set behind a mountain and you will have a beautiful view on the river and the city. The whole experience of sitting (or standing) on a bridge with lots of people around you is a unique way to end your day!

budapest brug

Termoli, Italy

I experienced this sunset when I was traveling alone through Italy for my research. Being alone while watching the sunset does not make it any less special. It made me more aware of how privileged I am to be able to travel and enjoy beautiful views like these. Termoli is a small harbour town in the region of Puglia and this sunset shining on the pastel coloured houses looked amazing.

Monkey Mia, Australia

For this last sunset we have to travel all the way down under to Monkey Mia in Western Australia. We also have to travel far back in time as I experienced this sunset in 2007! But the fact that I still remember this place says it all. Imagine being at a tropical beach, watching the sun set and see a dolphin swimming right in front of that fire red sun. Do I need to say more, mate?

monkey mia australia

Liked this post? Or do you have another great sunset spot to share? Contact me!

Jerash Jordan

Story time: How we got invited to a local home in Jerash, Jordan

Jerash Jordan

This story is about someone we met during our travels in Jordan. This story is about a salesman in Jerash working in the tourism industry. This story is about kindness, trust and respect. This story is about Morad.

Daytrip to Jerash, Jordan

We start our trip in Jordan in the capital Amman. Amman is a great city and also has a lot of possibilities for daytrips. Jerash is one of these possibilities. Jerash is the largest Roman site of Jordan which is why a lot of tourists decide to go see these ruins. Of course, where tourists are, there are souvenir shops and salesmen trying to sell you all kinds of local products. One of these salesmen is Morad and he tried to sell us the typical scarves of Jordan.

At first, I felt really annoyed as we were not even through the main gate of the ruins and already ended up in a shop, but after a while we saw that he was actually a very nice guy. He looked our age and was just doing his job. Men working in tourist shops often are seen as pushy and annoying and I also sometimes try to avoid an encounter with them. However, Morad made me look differently at these people.

We spend way too much time in his shop talking with him and ended up both buying a scarf. Afterwards he made us necklaces which he gave to us and then he invited us for lunch the next day at his home. His mother would cook a traditional meal for us. My boyfriend gave his phone number and we promised to stay in contact.

To be honest, I was a bit scared. I did not fully trust the situation but I was also curious about the experience. We decided to do it and arranged an appointment with him for the day after. The next day we took a taxi back to Jerash and the whole way I was picturing everything that could go wrong in my head. But now I am thinking: what were these scary images based on?

Lunch at a local home

He picked us up from the taxi stop and we walked to a restaurant of someone he knows and had a nice lemon mint there (if you go to Jordan, make sure to try the lemon mint!!). We were not allowed to pay for the drinks as the custom in Jordan is when you invite someone, you pay everything for them.

After this drink, we went to his house where he and his mom live to eat traditional Mansaf. On the way to his house, which is not in the tourism part of Jerash, we were looked at by local people but he said that we were his guests, and so they left us alone. In his house, we sat down on one of the pillows that were laying on the floor and he told us that this was also the place where they slept.

He placed a piece of plastic on the floor and put plates and glasses on there. Then, his mom came with the Mansaf, which is a rice dish with chicken (or lamb) and yoghurt, and this was also placed on the plastic on the ground. We sat down and enjoyed the food and some nice talks, of course for me it was hard to eat chicken but I did it out of respect. Morad told us about his life in Jordan and before Jordan and his goals in life.

local home Jerash Jordan

Traditional Mansaf

Pushy salesman or person with a story?

Morad is from Syria and had to flee his country because of safety. He arrived in Jordan when he was 15 years old and now only lives with his mother. His father helped his sister and brothers to move to Canada and Germany but by the time he was going to help Morad he passed away. Now Morad got the full responsibility to take care of his mother and find a job. After a while he found a job in tourism because he could speak English and this is where we met him.

He explained to us that a lot of times tourists can be very rude or even ignore him. He finds this hurting as he is also just a person with a story. Tourists can treat him like he has no talent or knowledge and nothing better to do in life.

This is what I would like to raise awareness on. It is of course okay if you are not interested in particular products, but I think it is very important to respect other persons at any time. If you show interest in the local people you might get a beautiful experience in return and otherwise made their (and your) day a little bit better! This lunch was one of our highlights of the trip as it really brought us closer to local life. It opened our eyes and showed us a story of an incredible friendly person who despite everything that happened still tries to accomplish his dream: to rap.

As a kid he already dreamed of writing songs in English and rap about his life. This is the way for him to show his soul and heart instead of always only listening to the mind. He loves humans from every religion or country as he believes that we are all the same in the afterlife. So next time, when you are annoyed by local sales people, think about people like Morad. Just people with a different life story.